Sexy Beer Cans

Beer and Sex and Sex and Beer. Who whadda thunk beer companies would make sexy beer cans? After all, do they use sex to sell in beer TV commercials?

Lol. Surprisingly, though there are fewer, and much less risque beer cans than you would think.

Polar Beer

Empresas Polar is a Venezuela brewery which started in 1941. The company has been known to release beer cans with bikini clothed women showing plenty of cleavage.

This set of five cans features:

Top Left: Norelys Rodriguez
Top Right: Daniela Kosan
Bottom Left: Deisy Arvelo
Bottom Middle: ___ Rodriguez
Bottom Right: Mirela Mendoza

Value: We saw this set of five cans sell for about $50.

This set of four cans features, from left to right:

Gaby Espino
Annarella Bono
Marlorla De Sousa

This set of three cans features, from left to right:

Norelys Rodriguez
Daniela Kosan
Annarella Bono

This set of six cans features:

Top Left: Deisy Arvelo
Top Middle: Norelys Rodriguez
Top Right: Annarella Bono
Bottom Left: Norelys Rodriguez
Bottom Middle: Daniela Kosan
Bottom Right: Daniela Kosan

This set of six cans features:

Top Left: Ligia Hernandez
Top Middle: Andrea Matthies
Top Right: Maria De Luz Da Silva
Bottom Left: __________
Bottom Middle: Yuvanna Montalvo
Bottom Right: Hannelly Quintero

Olde Frothingslosh

Olde Frothingslosh is a Pittsburgh based group of beer can collectors who, starting in the 1950s, started making these sexy fat lady beer cans as a joke. Made for collectors - they're great for collectors!

Fun to collect, but not extremely expensive. This 26 can set, for instance, sold for $90. Several different sets of these cans have been issued from 1950s to the mid 1980s.

Penthouse Beer

This Penthouse Premium Bier Reinheitsgebot Sexy Women Beer gallon beer can sold for almost $60. It features the backside of three women in black string bikinis.

Tennent's Lager

Tennent's Lager is made in Scotland and has produced numerous pin-up girl cans featured the name of different girls.

Penny loves having a drink, and is ready to go at all hours of the day! This five can set of sexy Penny beer cans sold for about $35. They feature Penny in various poses and states of undress:

- In the evening
- In the morning
- At the end of the day
- At night
- At noon

Angela At Ease
Angela on the Bench




Vicky in the Woods
Vicky Just Waiting
Vicky Impatient
Vicky Maid of the Loch

Pat Lying Low
Pat Sitting Pretty
Pat Intrigued
Pat So Lonely

Susan Shows a Leg









Linda in Dreamland

Lakemaid Beer

Lakemaid Beer is an American brewer known as the fisherman's beer. Some of its products features a dozen young women as mermaids, where the fish part of the body is a commonly fished fish.

Lakemaid refers to Miss Walleye as best being available after sundown. She has flesh which is pure white, a lite bight, and a finicky taste. When you catch her you will love to dive in and eat her up.



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