Oatmaha Drink Introduced

Tow Yard Brewing Co. in Indianapolis, and Factotum Brewhouse in Denver announced a collaboration to produce a limited edition drink called "Oatmaha". A six-pack of this collector's item will cost $15.

Indianapolis and Denver were the two cities where Peyton Manning played football.

The name Oatmaha refers to Peyton's infamous pre-snap calls of "Omaha".

Here is a collection of Manning showing "Omaha" during a game against San Diego. Literally every play!

Super funny - here is Peyton Manning discussing what Omaha means when he calls it out in a game.

Peyton Manning is a known beer drinker. After winning Super Bowl 50 by defeating the Carolina Panthers, on national TV Peyton said his priorities after the game were to celebrate with his family, his teammates, and to drink a lot of beer.

According to Laura Bruns, one of Factotum's owners, the Colts and Broncos were both horse themed teams and thus a drink made of oats is appropriate. The drink also incorporates sage for Colorado and corn for Indiana.

Peyton Manning was not available to be featured on the can, so the drink features Clifford Bruns, a former a sheriff of Franklin County, Indiana.

What Does Oatmaha Taste Like?

Oatmaha a light pale ale that is 6.7 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and a 38 IBU (international bitterness unit) which is categorized as a light ale.

But not too many people know what it tastes like. After all, the can is highly collectible.

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