Gold Medal Beers

Numerous beers have had the "Gold Medal" name. Here we review some of the rarer collectibles on this genre.

Indianapolis Brewing Company

The Indianapolis Brewing Company was in business from 1887 to 1948. During that time one of the beers it produced was the Genuine Gold Medal Lager Beer. Cans of this beer can be extremely valuable.

The text on the back of the can says: "Genuine GOLD MEDAL Lager Beer. Our original formula for those who want OLD TIME beer character. This Genuine GOLD MEDAL BEER is carefully brewed from the choicest hops and finest grains. Nothing is spared to give you a beer that honestly deserves the name of GOLD MEDAL. Genuine GOLD MEDAL is a beer you can be as proud to serve as we are to brew. INTERNAL REVENUE TAX PAID."

Value: We saw this can in very good condition sell for almost $3000.

Grace Brothers Brewing Company

Located in Santa Rosa California, just north of San Francisco, Grace Brothers was not in business for long. Only 9 years between 1958 and 1967. Of course, that short period helps make their beer cans desired collectibles.

This Grace Brothers Gold Medal Extra Pale Beer can is heavily rusted and not in the best condition. It still sold for almost $300.

Shown is a twelve ounce can with a flat top. The side of the can says "Brewed and packed by Grace Bros. Brewing Co., Santa Rosa, California. FOR UNITED GROCERS LTD. Sacramento - Stockton - Oakland - Fresno Calif. Internal Revenue Tax Paid".

Stegmaier Brewing Company

The name Stegmaier is still going strong since 1857, although Stegmaier Brewing sold the company to Lyon, Inc. in 1974. The brewery remains in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Shown is the twelve ounce Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer. This very nice can sold for $125. On the back it has the reference to the Internal Revenue Tax Paid.

One of the interesting feature of this can that makes it noteworthy is the cone top. The can is identified as USBC 165-26.

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