Iron City Beer Cans

Iron City Beer is a brand of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. Originally founded in 1861, Iron City Brewing Company has been famous for showcasing local sports teams and players on its beer cans. The Iron City name and the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. have gone in and out of business for years but are currently operating.

Collectible cans include those which are old and those featuring Pittsburgh sports teams and legends.

Vintage Iron City Beer Cans

Orange Label

Made in the 1940s, this classic look for Iron City beer, has the bright orange can with bold black and white references to Iron City Beer.

The back of the can states: "This is the 'CAP-SEALED' beer can. It brings this beer to you with its fine flavor unimpaired - light cannot penetrate it. You are the first and only user. NO DEPOSIT. NO RETURNS. It cools quickly and takes up little space. THE MODERN CONTAINER. INTERNAL REVENUE TAX PAID".

Value: We saw this twelve ounce can in very good condition sell for almost $550.

White Label

This white label can has a cone top and features gold and black trim with a bright red center circle outlining the "Iron City Beer" name.

The back of the can states: "THIS Cap-Sealed CAN brings you IRON CITY BEER at its sparkling best. The world's choicest grains make Iron City good - experience makes it great! Since the container shuts out all light, it allows this excellent beer to reach you at the very peak of its flavor and quality. As a delightful companion to good times, make sure you always get IRON CITY BEER".

Value: We saw this twelve ounce can in very good condition sell for almost $300.

Snap Top

This easy to read bright white and red flat top can advertised its new "easy-open snap top". At the time, a brand new innovation. Today, part of virtually every can.

Value: We saw this twelve ounce can in very good condition sell for a bit more than $100.

Snap Top

A red and white labeled can, this version featured Premium Quality and It's Real Beer.

The back of the can explains what real beer is: "What we mean by REAL BEER. Iron City pioneered in bringing this type of beer to America, over a century ago. Today's Iron City Beer lives up to that tradition. It is rich in quality and full flavored, because it's an all-grain beer. Every drop of Iron City is brewed with special care, and the skill and experience learned in over a century of brewing fine beer. That's why you always get Real Beer when you ask for ... IRON CITY BEER"

Value: We saw this twelve ounce can in very good condition sell for a bit more than $100.

Pittsburgh Sports Teams and Players

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football

Hall of Fame Cans

This nine can collection features Pittsburgh Steeler players who made the football Hall of Fame, in addition to legends associated with the team such as Myron Cope who was known as the voice of the Steelers.

Value: Not much so far, although probably more in Pittsburgh. We saw this nine can set in excellent condition sell for $30.

1979 Super Bowl Team

This features a team photo for the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers. That year the Steelers won the Super Bowl beating the Los Angeles Rams 31-19.

Value: We saw this sealed, never opened can sell for about $25.

1974 University of Pittsburgh Football

This Iron City can has the entire schedule for the 1974 University of Pittsburgh Panthers football team. At the top is a copy of the Pitt football helmet.

The 1974 team went 7 and 4, with three of the losses to nationally ranked teams. The Panthers had two players drafted into the NFL: Gary Burley and Mike Bulino in the 17th round!

Value: This can in very good condition sold for $30.

The University of Pittsburgh football team won the national championship in 1980. Shown are two commerative cans from Iron City. You will see one has a list of nine national championships and the second can has added "#1 in '80!"

Value: These cans in very good condition sold for $17.

1974 Penn State Football

This Iron City can has the entire schedule for the 1974 Penn State Nittany Lions football team. Along the side is a drawing of Penn State football player.

The 1974 team went 10 and 2, won the Cotton Bowl, and finished ranked seventh in the country. The team was 4-0 against other ranked teams. The Nittany Lions had 10 players into the NFL: Mike Hartenstine, John Nessel, Tom Donchez, Tom Shuman, Chris Devin, Jeff Bleamer, Dan Natale, Joe Jackson, Greg Murphy and Dave Gaf.

Value: This can in OK condition without a bottom sold for $13.

Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey

This Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team is featured on this six pack with the saying "Working on a Cold Iron".

Value: This six pack of cans sold for $15.

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