James Bond Beer Products

Does James Bond always order a dry martini cocktail, lemon peel, that is shaken and not stirred?

Nope. At least not when it comes to James Bond fans.

Check out this James Bond beer merchandise ...

James Bond Beer Cans

This seven can collection was advertised as the full set of original James Bond beer sold by the National Brewing Co. We do not have an exact date of manufacture, but National Brewing went out of business in 1975. Each can, featuring a pretty woman on the front, and city scenes on the back has a decidely 1960s look to it.

Value: Hard to find, we have seen this full set in very good condition sell for about $6000.

James Bond Beer Can Replicas

These replica beer cans sold as a set for $75, so obviously a big price (10 fold) difference betwen an original and a replica.

Note: This replica set has ten cans but only seven original cans are previously shown. These replicas were made in 1977.

James Bond Beer Can Sheets

Printer sheets for the beer cans, as well as replicas, are available for considerable less than the cans.

Value: This roll of three James Bond can sheets sold for $175.

Heineken Special Edition James Bond Glasses

These Spectre beer glasses from Heineken feature the Spectre 007 logo on the lower front of the glass, beneath the regular Heineken name and star logo.

Very nice. The glasses were used one time promotion at a premiere event for the James Bond Spectre movie.

Value: This set of three James Bond Heineken glasses sold for $40.

Heineken also made this green beer bottle, with green cap promoting the James Bond Skyfall movie.

Value: This bottle originally sold in the Netherlands found a new home for $30.

Also from Holland, this Heineken can promoted Tomorrow Never Dies. The movie was released in 1997. Not a large promotion on the can, but you can see vertical reference to the movie on the side of the can.

Sold in Mexico, this Heineken can was a promotion for the Spectre movie.

Value: This can in excellent condition sold for $12.50.

James Bond Bottle Opener

This Heineken bottle opener features a picture of James Bond on the front. Released in the Netherlands. The bottle opener was released for the Spectre movie release, although no reference to any particular movie appears on the product.

Value: We estimate the value of this James Bond bottle opener between $10 - $15.

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